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Like to meet new friends in exciting social settings ? Rather visit more than one bar in minneapolis , than stick to just one ? Then you've come to the right place. Known around Minneapolis  as the #1 party bus service to put on a party crawl. Minneapolis party bus has organized over a hundred pub crawls. We are the  ultimate source for party buses and organizing pub crawl events. Take one , take all ! Get your friends friends together and go on a pub crawl you'll never forget. 


Why take a party bus ?

You have a driver ! Our minneapolis party bus drivers are very familiar with were the bars on your personal pub crawl will be.  Secondly, Total conveince. Don't park, Don't walk , Don't Drive, Don't Worry. What can you do ? Have fun. 


Why take a pub crawl ? 


Do you like new and exciting bars you've never been to ? Do you want to check out a theme ? Irish. St.Pat's. Zombie. Nord east. Swank. City. Country. A number of our customers go all out and dress up for the occasion. We get a people dressing up like country stars and hitting only country bars. Zombie night is a nationally known event held once a year in Minneapolis. If you don't dress up this night your not going to fit in. 



 events that have you visiting the best bars in the city, and enjoy special event drink deals while you're at it. Supplying fun, safe and social drink environments since 2008, makes sure that you not only have variety, but the best variety in town. Meet new friends on a drinking adventure at one of our signature pub crawls!

1. Pick what crawl you'd like to be a part of.

2. Pick your date and call and reserve your bus. 

3. Get picked up take your crawl. 

Irish Pub Crawl

Take a tour of Ireland without even leaving minneapolis. Irish Pub crawls have been a new thing in minneapolis . Take out a minneapolis party bus today. 


Welcome to O'Donovan's Irish Pub, the first Irish Pub in Minnesota built entirely in Ireland and shipped piece by piece to the United States. The Pub's authentic design was the first step in assuring all our guests enjoy the true essence of an Irish Pub. Walk into this little piece of Ireland and you'll feel you've been transported to the Emerald Isle itself. O’Donovan’s owner is a native Irishman and no expense was spared importing the entire decor from his native state. Enjoy live folk music most nights and Authentic Irish dishes, especially those made from potato, are found throughout the extensive menu. Try colcannon mashed potatoes or the potato pancake called boxty. Fish and chips, Stout-based beef stew and salmon are also featured. 


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Cooper Pub 

Is located off 394 and hwy 100 in St. louis Park . The newer development known to many as the west end.  Cooper Pub is a true pub like atmosphere with food that is a sure to please. The pub is full of hand carved wood and hand-etched glass, inspired by worn leather. 




Kieran's Irish Pub

Kieran's.  A name and a class of it's own. This Irish Pub has been in Minneapolis since 1994. Located on first ave and 6th street in the area commonly known as block E. Whether you're looking for guiness or an irish whiskey this minneapolis pub is a sure to please .  



  The Local

The Local a fun filled a downtown minneapolis favorite located on nicollet mall. Lovely dark wood 80 foot bar. High tables , booths and loft seating. 

minneapolis mn_party_bus_local


The Liffey

Located in downtown St Paul across from the excel energy center.  The Liffey is a St. Paul favorite. Packed every wild game and always a good choice on St. patricks day. The liffy is a decore is similar to a train car. The Pub has an old world charm and warmth.




Cinco De Mayo Pub Crawl

Tequila and dos equis beer anyone ? Everyone loves Cinco De Mayo ! It's the best time of the year to head over to West St. Paul and get some good food and a couple of drinks. Day or night this weekend is a real hit. This popular event is a good time . The parking is a real problem, avoid it. Jump on our Minneapolis Party Bus ! After the festival take Our Cinco de Mayo PubCrawl,  We will feature some of the best mexican joints in town. 

Zombie pub crawl bus Minneapolis

Zombie Pub Crawl Bus Minneapolis. 

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 The  Minneapolis Zombie Pub Crawl is a one day event held in October . This minneapolis event is held every year.  What is it ? Thousands of people dress up in bloody clothes , pretend to be dead and wander the streets, boozing and dancing and carousing. It began with 150 zombies in Minneapolis in 2005 and has grown every year since, as any good zombie mob does. There are many copycat events around the world, but this is the original. The annual event is held on a weekend in october . the date changes every year. For more information call Rag stock 612 823 6690 . You need to buy a ticket to get into this event. Again you can pick them up at any Rag stock location in Minneapolis or the surrounding suburbs. 


What can I expect ?

Nothing can really describe the sea of zoombie looking people ! Most party goers dress up like they've been hurt , they wear blood and torn clothes. Other's look like they've been buried alive and just came from a graveyard. It's a perfect atmosphere to scare yourself. 


Where is the Zombie Pub Craw ?


The West Bank neighborhood of Minneapolis and the Lowertown neighborhood of St. Paul. Maps and a complete itinerary are here.


Do you need a party bus ? 


If your looking to take your own private shuttle bus down to the zombie crawl call us now . This is one of the busiest nights of the year. Many buses book up a year in advance. 

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