Are You Planning A Birthday Party?

minneapolis pary_bus_minneapolis_mn_girlsBirthday's in a party bus are a blast, go out and hit the town. Lights and action. Our minneapolis party buses are stacked full of fiber optic lighting and speakers. Get the full party atmosphere. Birthday's are ment to be celebrated but it's only fun when it's safe. That is very important. Safety inspections are done every single day on our minneapolis party buses. We have mechanic inspections done weekly to insure buses are well maintained . No break downs here. With minneapolis party bus you'll get reliable mpls party bus. Take our buses out on the town today. For more information call us today. 

Do You Want Everyone to have a Awesome time ?

A minneapolis party bus is a unforgetable way to have a birthday that people will talk about for years to come. Your party on wheels is a non stop bar. With a minneapolis party bus from us the party starts way before you get to your destinations. The best party might be the bus itself.  Each of our minneapolis party buses comes decked out with a high-end audio system that really gets the party started. So whether you just want to party-on-the-move,  or you want to hit downtown minneapolis all night a party bus from us will be a sure winner. We’ll take care of the driving so you can drink. Your designated party bus driver, will take you out and about and then return you home safely. What more would you expect. 

The perfect Surprise Birthday Gift ......

A surprise party bus is the perfect gift from a parent or love one. The number of concerned parents renting party buses is on the rise. The state patrol arrested thousands of minnesotans' last year for drunk driving. What could be a better gift than that of a safe ride . We know that parting is not fun if someone is driving home drunk . That is why many parents realize the price of a party bus is nothing compared to the gift of that child. Safe rides , and a good time, that is what minneapolis party bus is all about.  Do you want to give a surprise birthday gift. Nothing is better than that of limo bus . Planning that true surprise requires planning and secrecy. The element of surprise is very important. At Minneapolis Party bus extra special care is given to keep the surprise, by notifying the receptionist that this is a surprise no phone calls will be made to your house to confirm your reservation.  

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