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Like to meet new friends in exciting social settings ? Rather visit more than one bar in minneapolis , than stick to just one ? Then you've come to the right place. Known around Minneapolis  as the #1 party bus service to put on a party crawl. Minneapolis party bus has organized over a hundred pub crawls. We are the  ultimate source for party buses and organizing pub crawl events. Take one , take all ! Get your friends friends together and go on a pub crawl you'll never forget. 


Why take a party bus ?

You have a driver ! Our minneapolis party bus drivers are very familiar with were the bars on your personal pub crawl will be.  Secondly, Total conveince. Don't park, Don't walk , Don't Drive, Don't Worry. What can you do ? Have fun. 


Why take a pub crawl ? 


Do you like new and exciting bars you've never been to ? Do you want to check out a theme ? Irish. St.Pat's. Zombie. Nord east. Swank. City. Country. A number of our customers go all out and dress up for the occasion. We get a people dressing up like country stars and hitting only country bars. Zombie night is a nationally known event held once a year in Minneapolis. If you don't dress up this night your not going to fit in. 



 events that have you visiting the best bars in the city, and enjoy special event drink deals while you're at it. Supplying fun, safe and social drink environments since 2008, makes sure that you not only have variety, but the best variety in town. Meet new friends on a drinking adventure at one of our signature pub crawls!

1. Pick what crawl you'd like to be a part of.

2. Pick your date and call and reserve your bus. 

3. Get picked up take your crawl. 

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